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    1. jianchaling Nickel  Industry. All rights reserved.
      Nickel is a very versatile metal. According to 1997 statistics, the main use of nickel is as the following six areas: stainless steel, alloy steel, special steel, nickel-based alloys, electroplating and non-alloy field.

      The dual properties of gold can act as an important role in the international reserves, and also have a special use of the commodity.

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      Shaanxi Jianchaling Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. was established in the end of 2006, the case of the ownership of enterprises of Shaanxi Nonferrous Metals Holding Group Co., Ltd.. Shaanxi Lueyang Jianchaling Nickel project developed and constructed is the key construction project of Shaanxi Province, "Eleventh Five-Year" and "second five" and the project for achieving the southern Shaanxi breakthrough development. The project of mining engineering of annual 100 million tons invested 10.5 billion yuan, has been put into operation. When Nickel smelting project is completed, the nickel production will be among the highest of the nation.

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